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Hack Homelessness

On the 20th and 21st October 2018 Join a Remote Hackathon to launch The Brighter Tomorrow Map. To help bring this to the world email: contact@focallocal.org
Join when you can or stay for all 36hrs.

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The Brighter Tomorrow Map is an effort by volunteers around the world to create a new tool to transform homelessness globally by connecting and empowering communities to provide effective support

Say Hello in the forum when you're ready to begin

Skills Needed

Web Dev Team

Platform building

Meteor/Reactjs, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Discourse, SEO, Javascript, Server-side skills, SSL conversion, Database Engineers, App builders (iOS and Android)
Marketing Team

Inviting the world to use our Platform and help people who are homeless nearby

Social Media, Press/Media Relations, Graphic Design, Writers and Journalists
Video Creation Team

Animators, Mini-Documentary Makers

Explainer videos on how to use the platform, Or viral videos telling people about a new tool they can use to help people living on the streets nearby
Foot Soldiers

Grow the Map and Community

Getting our posters, videos and other media to Homelessness supporting groups to share, Finding volunteers around the world to put posters up in shelters and public places, Googling for free resources to post on the map, and inviting kind hearted local people to post their offers of support onto the map


Brighter Tomorrow Map

Our primary goal is to launch the map on the 21st. Tasks required to reach launch are set out in our Trello board, along with challenges requiring creative solutions, and new ideas are welcome


Our secondary goal is to improve the micro-volunteering platform which built the Brighter Tomorrow Map, and other global peace and happiness projects. It's ready and waiting incase there is an abundance of hero's joining in and we run out of missions. Much of the code is shared between the two platforms.

Tools for the Hack

  1. Project Management: Trello is our primary tool for organising task during the Hack. You can find tasks to complete, challenges, or post your own here. Move cards into the 'Sprint' queue when you take them on.

    Choose a Mission

  2. Coders: check out the .readme on our Github.

    fl-sleeper = Brighter Tomorrow Map
    fl-master = Focallocal.org

    Note: Issues are created on Github but often updated or commented on later in Trello.

    Explore our Github

  3. Communication: The main communication tool will be our Discourse forum, which will be integrated directly into the platforms during the hack.

    Join the Discussion

  4. Resources: We've prepared some materials which you can use, or improve on, however you see best to achieve your chosen mission.

    Files, Posters, Articles, Emails